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Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels for Saw Sharpening

Band Saw Grinding

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Advantages of Using Our CBN Grinding Wheel


  • Precise grinding of CBN wheel produces a sharper edge, increasing band saw life and reducing the number of regrinds
  • CBN grinding wheel maintains same form from beginning to end.  Eliminates non-productive wheel dressing time.  Perfect for grinding frost notches in band
  • CBN grinding wheels run cooler than conventional grinding wheels so reduces those hard to detect stress cracks in band
  • Less grinding dust means a cleaner machine and work environment
  • CBN grinding wheels can be recycled.  Old abrasive can be stripped off and new crystal re-applied, resulting in substancial savings.



          How we manufacture our CBN grinding wheels


Once the final dimensions of the grinding wheel is established with our customer, a steel hub is CNC machined with the frost notch form. We then apply a single layer of CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride), also known as Borazon, to the grinding area of the hub using a proprietary nickel electroplating process. CBN is second only to diamond in hardness, and is the ideal material to grind hardened steels, such as band saws. We then dynamically balance our grinding wheel, ensuring the smoothest, sweetest grind.

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