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Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels for Saw Sharpening / Top and Face Grinding

Wheel Type 4A2

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Order NumberWheel Diameter 'D'Wheel Thickness 'T'Abrasive Length 'U'Abrasive Depth 'X'Bore Diameter
FT 13569100 mm8 mm3 mm2 mmAs Specified
FT 13620100 mm8 mm4 mm3 mmAs Specified
FT 13632125 mm10 mm4 or 6 mm2 mmAs Specified
FT 13646150 mm10 mm4 or 6 mm2 mmAs Specified
62526"3/83/16"1/16" or 1/8"As Specified
62626"3/8"1/4"1/16" or 1/8"As Specified