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4 Critical Signs Your Diamond Cutting Blades Need to be Replaced
May 27, 2020

Diamond cutting blades are in demand for one good reason: they can cut through almost anything. Window and glass, aeronautics, and other industries that require smooth, precision cuts on their workpieces and other materials utilize these blades. While they're durable and dependable, diamond cutters can get worn out over time. Here are four signs you need to replace them soon.


Slow Cutting

When your diamond cutting blades start wearing out, you'll notice it cuts slower than usual. A new diamond blade might have cut through a workpiece in minutes, but now, it's taking you more than ten minutes to achieve the same result. It is a clear indication you need to replace your blades.


A Smooth and Polished Look

When the diamond cutting blades look polished and smooth, it is an indicator that its diamonds must have worn away from the blade's surface. You'll see that the distinctive cutting edges have become smoothed over. While it looks elegant and new, it will not cut your workpieces as efficiently as before, and you'll need to replace them soon. To know more, test-cut materials you've once processed in minutes. If it takes longer, you need to replace the blades.


Individual Cutting Teeth Have Worn Away

Most cutting blades produce a unique sound during operation. It will always sound like a high-pitched whine as it goes through your material. However, it produces a different, low-tuned tone if its individual cutting teeth have worn away. Even if the blade's diamonds are still useful, the deteriorated metal will limit its cutting capabilities.


You've Been Using It for More Than Two Years

If you've been using your diamond blades daily for more than 600 days, you may need to have it replaced soon. Make sure you get units from dependable manufacturers and suppliers, and consult with a sales representative to decide when the best time to replace your blades is.


Use Reliable Suppliers for Dependable Replacements

If you are looking for excellent diamond replacements for your operations, you can depend on us at Graff Diamond for all your needs. With over 50 years of dependable experience, we can provide the perfect blades for all your needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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