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4 Efficient Ways to Prolong Your Diamond Core Drill’s Lifespan
May 06, 2020

Diamond core drills are essential to many manufacturing operations. Their ability to drill precise holes inside heavy and hard materials sets them apart as one of the most important tools in the industry. As such, the lifespan and performance of these drills is extremely important to maintain. To make sure your drills are working well all the time, here are four effective preventative and maintenance-oriented methods to keep in mind.


Know the Materials It Can Work With

One preventative measure is to carefully learn all the kinds of materials that work perfectly with a diamond core drill. This will help promote proper use. All diamond core drills can work with a variety of glass types (sea, beach, and fused), stones (gemstones, rock, and pebbles), ceramics (porcelain, glazed pottery, and plates), shells and bones, and sturdy wood.


Dislodge Debris Efficiently

Make sure to frequently check for straggling and trapped fragments and remove them when necessary. You can dislodge debris by drilling into wood, which will help remove the trapped particles on the drills. Then, use wire brushes to dislodge the remaining stuck debris. Drill in an up and down motion, and you can even use water to aid in dislodging the debris.


Use Drilling Fluid When Appropriate

Drilling fluid is capable of helping you preserve your drill bits, minimize wear and tear, and prevent rusting. Make sure to use fluids that help raise drilling bit viscosity to reduce unnecessary friction. Consult with your sales representative to determine the right kind of fluid for your applications.


Average Lifespan of Core Drills

All diamond core drills have a known average lifespan. On average, these drills can drill up to 100-250 holes before needing to be replaced. With that said, careful maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your drills beyond 250 holes. If you've been using your drills for more than three years, consider having them replaced soon.


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