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CBN Grinding Wheels 101
April 22, 2020

CBN grinding wheels are synonymous with strength when it comes to cutting sharp edges or sharpening super abrasive tooling. CBN stands for cubic boron nitride - the world’s second hardest material after diamond. It is for this reason that grinding wheels made from CBN are used for applications that require incredible strength where conventional cutting tools won’t cut it, all while still maintaining a higher degree of precision. Read on to learn more about the basics of CBN-type grinding wheels. 


What are CBN grinding wheels typically used for?


The most common way to sharpen worn-down tools is through grinding them. CBN-type grinding wheels are typically used for cutting through HSS (high-speed steel) tooling. Like CBN, HSS is quite durable and features high working hardness. To sharpen them, you will require a sharpening tool that is even more durable and greater in hardness than HSS - making CBN the perfect candidate for grinding. 


What are the benefits?


CBN grinding wheels offer a myriad of beneficial properties that enable them to work more effectively than other material-based types. CBN wheels are expected to perform through the long haul and feature an almost infinite lifespan, given they are properly maintained. CBN wheels also do not require as much coolant as other grinding wheels due to the strong bond that is fixed between the grains of the wheel and the steel hub. 


By design, the CBN wheel also stays cool through the grinding process - effectively reducing the likelihood of your tools burning in contrast to conventional grinding wheels available. The grinding of CBN wheels is quite fine, and as a result very little sparks are present during the grinding process. 


Selecting an Optimal CBN Wheel for Grinding


When it comes to deciding what type of CBN wheel to purchase, there are three main factors you must consider: bond type, grit size, and concentration. Different bonds are suited for specific applications, as is grit size, and general concentration. 


To learn more about what type of CBN wheel to purchase, consult a reputable CBN grinding wheel manufacturer like Graff Diamond Products. We are fully capable of providing you with a product that is perfectly suited to your grinding needs.

Informative read about cbn grinding wheels! Thanks for sharing
Posted by: Kristen | April 29, 2020, 2:34 pm
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