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Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Diamond Grinding Wheel
July 23, 2019

It can be quite an overbearing and daunting process knowing how to choose the right kind of diamond grinding wheels. There are a host of factors at play which it is important to be cognizant of when determining which grinding wheel type is best suited for your purposes.



Because more than 75% of what we manufacture is made-to-order, in this blog, we’ll be discussing four of the factors that we regularly consult over with our clients to help them determine their exact tooling needs:



Purpose of Grinding

It is pivotal you determine the specified intent for the kind of grinding that will predominantly be occurring. You can break this down between dry or wet grinding, as they serve different purposes.


Depending upon the economics of your facility and quality standards - dry grinding can serve better for larger scale grinding, while wet grinding may be more ideal for precise cutting.


Wheel Coarseness

When coming to a conclusion on diamond grinding wheels, another factor that cannot be left by the wayside is coarseness. The coarseness of the wheel is ultimately responsible for the quantity of material removed when the grinding takes place, this is known as the “material removal rate”.


Should hastier cutting be necessary, it may of best interest to consider a more coarse grit. However, should a more scrupulous, exact cut be required, then fine grit would be more suitable for this purpose.


Material Hardness

The grinding wheel must possess the capability of overcoming the hardness of the material needing to be ground – this is where the material of your grinding wheel comes into play.


For hard, non-ferrous metals, a synthetic diamond grinding wheel would optimally come into play for the removal of these in large quantities. Otherwise, should iron or steel grinding be par for the course, then a CBN grinding wheel would be the way forward.


Rotational Speed

The rate at which your wheel rotates is crucial in avoiding flaws for your grinding wheel when being used. Rotation ratings for diamond grinding wheels are measured in meters per second – it is in your best interest to become familiar with these ratings and to accurately signpost correct usage in your facilities so as to avoid unnecessary repairs of your grinding wheel.


We've Been Doing This for over 50 Years

We’re proud at Graff Diamond Products to serve in the interest of Canada’s industrial needs for superabrasive toolings. Whether it be in the form of CBN or precision diamond grinding wheels, we have an extensive library of clientele that have turned to us in order to effectively grinding infamously hard materials. All this experience has earned us the privilege of being one of Canada’s most renowned and prolific manufacturers of diamond tooling, with delivery times for custom products averaging 7 working days. Get in touch to see how we can do the same for you!

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