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The Secret In A Contractor’s Arsenal? Diamond Saw Blades
January 09, 2020

The thought of purchasing a diamond saw blade may send you and your wallet for a loop, especially if you are set in your ways with using traditional stainless steel or other metal blades in cutting construction and other heavy-industry materials.


Here’s the truth of the matter - businesses find time and time again that diamond saw blades are making for great long-term investments.


Why? Well, not only are one of these diamond blade units capable of the work of at least three traditional industrial saw blades, but you can also expect to enjoy the following benefits that serve to make your cutting routines the best it can be:


Cuts with Chips and Breakage? No Thanks

You’d be hard pressed in finding a contractor not wanting to achieve the most accurate and precise cut possible - it can be argued that most steel and aluminum saw blades would accomplish this task. Unfortunately, blades like these are infamous for being quickly worn out, leading to inaccuracies and re-dos - something no contractor wants due to the unwarranted labor time.


On the other hand, diamond saw blades come with a predicted service life of 120 hours cutting time, all while helping your team deliver the cleanest and safest cuts that guarantee no crumbles, chips, and breakage.


Cleaning Done Quick

The cleanup process surrounding traditional saw blades requires machine shop grinding, which, to say the least, takes time. How are businesses ‘remedying’ this issue? By purchasing more saw blade units to avoid disrupting their project timelines – much akin to putting a band aid on a broken leg; a tactic that will only lead to higher company expenses.


A more business savvy solution is brought to light with diamond blades, designed for performing quick sharpening and maintenance by delivering shallow blade cuts on tough concrete. This not only clears out any trapped debris but will also clear your unit for further use during the day or week.


Back To Business In A Jiffy

No material is infallible and we don’t want to give the impression that diamond blades are an exception. While this is a truism, it can be lost on many businesses that there are as many diamond blade manufacturers as there are metal blade counterparts. For those seeking blade replacements at any time, you can scout for a reputable diamond blade manufacturer that can deliver new ones in the shortest time possible, kind of like…


Graff Diamond Products – Diamond Saw Blades But Also Diamond Service!

It isn’t exactly a point of contention to say that a contractor would be seeking blades that can run the course, save time, and impart the cleanest cuts when working with heavy-duty materials. That’s why there’s no arguing with Graff Diamond Products’ quality; if you want to experience the difference, give us a call (1 800 465 9021) to take you that one step further in working with top-grade, highly-dependable equipment!

The upfront cost of a diamond saw blade really pays itself off when you see the increase in productivity they provide! Our team wouldn't be able to go back at this point.
Posted by: Noel | March 17, 2020, 3:01 pm
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