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Understanding Diamond Hole Saws
October 29, 2019

Also known as a hole cutter, a diamond hole saw is a kind of annular-shaped saw that is usually used in a drill. Its annular kerf is what allows it to make circular shapes, or holes, in the part or component that it is cutting.


Its unique capabilities make it desirable in many industrial facilities, particular in metal or steel fabrication plants.


This saw typically employs a pilot drill bit to prevent its teeth from moving in the wrong path. This cutting tool is perfect for when you require fast and accurate drilling for a wide variety of materials such as hard natural stone like marble, granite, tiles, and more.


A diamond hole saw is also designed to create holes in glass, fiberglass, ceramics, and porcelain. The lifespan and cutting speed of this kind of saw is affected in part by the abrasiveness and hardness of the material being cut as well as pressure, drill speed, and lubrication. In order to determine the optimal drill speed, pressure, and lubrication to use with this saw, you need to first understand the kind of material you are working with. With that said, it is generally better to use slower speeds, less pressure, and plenty of lubrication to reduce risks and prolong the life of a diamond hole saw.


If you need a quality saw that can create uninterrupted bores with ease, a diamond hole saw is the tool for you. At Graff Diamond Products, we understand that different industries and businesses have different needs, which is why we offer made-to-order diamond hole saws to perfectly suit your particular application.


You will have several options to choose from including pilot drills, side slots for cooling and easy material removal, threaded shanks, and any diameter to suit your needs. We also have standard products available, with 40 mesh diamond and a cutting depth of one inch. Make sure you get in touch with Graff Diamond Products to discuss how to go about getting the right diamond hole saw for your needs!


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