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CBN wheel replacement: The red flag symptoms
March 03, 2020

Diamond wheel grinders remain tried and true as one of the best options a contractor can have for their operations. However, a CBN wheel grinder can be, in many circumstances, just what a contractor needs to deliver exceptional results – sometimes even surpassing diamonds in the process.


While their service life is lauded and admired, these grinding wheels, like all other equipment, will come to falter in time.


This piece will help you become effective in identifying the signs that a replacement may be the proper course of action.


Compromised CBN surface

A CBN wheel only remains effectual with an abrasive surface capable of grinding against the workpiece in question; a chipped, cracked, or fractured surface can lead to considerable deviations in results. Should this be the case upon inspection, consider a replacement.



Unproductive and slower paced grinding

Upon immediate replacement of your CBN grinding wheel, you'll notice considerable increases in throughput. Nonetheless, as the wheel wears out its abrasive surface and accumulates chips and cracks, you will find grinding results to be inconsistent, slow, or even destructive to your workpieces - clear signs it's time to replace your grinding wheel.



Holding disc impacting your workpiece

All CBN grinding wheels have a metal disc upon which abrasive material is affixed. As personnel continue to use this grinding wheel it will experience wear and tear. Should you be hearing the holding disc grind against the workpiece with a loud screech, then it's time to have your grinding wheel replaced as soon as possible.



In use for more than a decade

CBN grinding wheels have an exceptional lifespan thanks to their durable and resistant nature. This, however, is no case for complacency as they aren't immune to the effects of aging. Like all durable equipment, if a set of wheels have been in use for more than ten years then it's paramount you reach out to a specialist manufacturer to guide you towards superior replacement options.



The replacement you’ve been looking for

With more than 50 years of industry experience providing top-quality diamond and CBN wheels of all shapes, size, and purpose, Graff Diamond supplies the finest wheels your business needs. Contact us to learn how your throughput can go the distance with our high removal rate grinding wheels!

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