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Understanding How Diamonds Are Attached to Diamond Cutting Blades
February 20, 2020

Synthetic diamonds are used as the abrasive component in diamond cutting blades because their characteristics can be controlled during the manufacturing process. However, the performance of the diamond cutting tool is also affected by how these particles are attached or captured in the metal matrix.


The following are common methods or bond types used to fix the diamond particles in the matrix of the diamond cutting blades:


Sintering (Metal Bonded)


This bond type combines a sintered mix of metallic powders and diamond grits. The compacted material is then hot pressed to full density into multiple layers inside the metal matrix. This type of bond is designed to regularly wear away, keeping the diamonds exposed to cut the material. For this reason, sintered diamond tools are recommended for machining hard materials such as granite, stone, and most gems.




Commonly used to cut very soft and ductile materials, electroplated blades have a high concentration of pointed diamond crystals that stay on a single layer of the metal core. During the electroplating process, the tool is placed in a tank where the diamond grits attach to the surface of the tool. Since the diamonds sit only on the surface, the diamond will slow down when the diamond portion wears off. That is why electroplated tools are more aggressive but are more fragile.


Vacuum Brazing


During the vacuum brazing process, nickel is melted around the diamond crystals which are then attached to the tool body. To attach the diamond particles properly, the process involves the use of vacuum ovens that remove oxygen and provide the high temperature needed. This results in a strong single layer of diamond crystals ready to grind and cut marble, limestone and other softer stones.

Unlike electroplated cutting tools that use much sharper diamond grits, vacuum brazing uses resilient diamond crystals that can resist extreme heat and pressure.


Each method has its own weaknesses and strengths. Thankfully, Graff Diamond can help you come up with the most efficient and cost-effective method for your diamond cutting blades. What’s more, we can even design the tool for your application and manufacture it to your specifications.

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