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Cutting Through Concrete with Diamond Cutting Blades
November 26, 2019

Whether it’s choosing the type of concrete mixture for your application, achieving the right water ratios, pouring, or laying – working with concrete requires a lot of patience. Chosen for its durability, low-maintenance, and resistance to the elements, concrete can prove to be a complicated material to work with. The same bodes true when cutting it.


Whether you’re planning on slicing through concrete slabs, blocks, walls or floors – it's important to use the right tooling for the job. It's for this reason that professionals opt for diamond cutting blades to effectively cut through concrete.


Diamond cutting blades are a fundamental component in the configuration of concrete saws.


Understanding Diamond Cutting Blades


Each type of blade is similar in that they feature a metal blade with a diamond or metal composite fixed to its perimeter. Over time, as the blade cuts through the concrete, the metal composite will slowly wear away. What is left behind are the sharp diamond cutting edges.


Different types of diamond blades are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of different concrete cutting applications. Diamond blades can be sub-categorized into two major classifications: Dry-Cutting Diamond Blades, and Wet Cutting Diamond Blades.



Dry-Cutting Diamond Blades


Dry-cutting diamond blades are defined by their serrated teeth that assist in cooling the blade and in ejecting accumulated waste. These blades work their best when you make a number of deep cuts to avoid over-heating.



Wet-Cutting Diamond Blades


Wet-cutting diamond blades can either have teeth or a smooth edge profile. Water aids in cooling and lubricating the blade in addition to minimizing the amount of dust. Wet-cutting diamond blades are cleaner and more efficient than other type of diamond blades, but require a proper saw configuration that is capable of distributing water around the blade safely and effectively.



Looking for Quality Diamond Tooling?


Graff Diamond Products designs and manufactures precision-based diamond wheels and tooling perfect for meeting the needs of super abrasive applications. As Canada’s source for diamond tooling, we work hard to maintain our reputation for quality and customer service by finding a solution that perfectly meets your requirements. For all your diamond tooling needs, call Graff Diamond today!


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