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The 4 Ways Skilled Operators Improve Diamond Core Drill Efficiency
December 09, 2019

Heavy-duty tool usage requires the precision and expertise of a seasoned operator. This is especially pertinent to a diamond core drill, grinder, and cutter as facilities can extract prolonged service life from their equipment, going well beyond the estimated lifespan set out by the manufacturer.



Not only this, textbook use of a diamond core drill sets a path for operators to improve their productivity as unit capabilities are maximized.


What exactly is it that separates proficient operators from the rest? We’ll uncover this by laying out the techniques that have been proven to undoubtedly prolong the functionality of industrial diamond equipment.


1) Excess Material Softness

Water is integral when working with a wet operation oriented diamond core drill. While adequate water volume is necessary in preserving wet-oriented drills, too high a volume produces a concrete slurry that is excessively soft which will muddy and gunk the diamond grits responsible for drilling through the material. It is therefore important to determine the limits of water volume for optimal boring.


2) The Right Power Volume

While low power is not enough to destroy a diamond core drill’s power supply unit, it is enough to make your equipment inefficient during operation. Operators are encouraged to make sure they get the most out of the drill motor’s power rating by procuring a suitable power source. If it’s an oil-based motor make sure the motors are stocked with enough fuel to power through the day’s work.


3) RPMs Make The Difference

A diamond drill – and almost any other heavy-duty equipment that spins or rotates – requires the correct RPM rate to drill through the material in question. Diamonds effortlessly drill through heavy industrial or construction materials; however, with improper RPMs the coats and/or grits become susceptible to accelerated wear and tear, particularly when used with softer materials or insufficiently cut tough materials.


4) Simple Physics Are Your Friend

Physical anchors stabilise the vibrations and other strong tremors that diamond drill rigs produce during operation. Paying heed to the manufacturer recommended or included anchor is wholly recommended so that, as an operator, you can rest assured you’ve taken the necessary precautions in prolonging unit lifespan. It is a regular sighting to see staff members standing on a rig to stabilise it - not only is this dangerous but it is also unprofessional and will expedite the deterioration of your unit’s performance.


Bonus: The Best Materials Make A Huge Difference Too!

Top-grade materials from renowned manufacturers cannot be understated when it comes to exceptional performance for core drills, grinders, and other industrial processing units. For quality diamond parts, turn towards the selection offered by Graff Diamond Products. Check out our listings and we’ll be happy to provide a quote!

I'll tell you, it was quite the hassle trying to boil down exactly the right water volume content when using a diamond core drill for wet applications. But once you nail it down it honestly makes a world of difference!
Posted by: Fenchurch | January 24, 2020, 2:28 pm
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