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Industries heavily reliant on diamond saw blades
March 17, 2020

Diamonds are expensive due to three predominant reasons: rarity, high demand, and durability.


Many come to associate diamonds with fashion but they have a much larger and more practical role to play in the world.


They are an essential material for an exceedingly large number of multinational businesses and companies. Let’s dissect four industries that will always come to rely on the functional use of diamond saw blades.


Window and glass manufacturing

After manufacturers amalgamate the necessary raw glass materials, they seek out precision cutting tools to ensure machines can go through them with light pressure. Diamond saw blades take center stage in these situations due to the diamond's exceptional sharpness, capable of cutting through any material, let alone glass, with ease.


Automotive parts and fittings production

Diamond saw blades play a vital role in the cutting of non-metallic and ferrous materials for automotive parts and fittings manufacturing. The precision cuts coupled with the resilient nature that diamonds provide pays dividends in throughput, a key performance indicator for this sector.



Similar to automotive parts and fittings, diamond cutters’ role in aeronautics manufacturing and development cannot be understated. A project involving the fabrication of aeronautic parts and accessories is contingent on the accuracy of cuts for success, especially if manufacturers are working on new and unique prototypes for testing and mass production.


Ceramic product processing and manufacturing

China, granite tables, and other non-ferrous and metallic materials manufacturing for cosmetic and aesthetic processing find diamond cutters and grinders simply irreplaceable for these purposes. However, should an alternative be sought, CBN wheels are runner-up in this regard as they have wide applications in ceramic manufacturing as well.


Diamond saw blades that keep on giving

Graff Diamond is one of Canada's best grinding wheel and diamond cutter manufacturers. With >50 years of experience in providing custom-engineered cutters for any business environment with a lead time of over seven days, it’s no wonder why time and time again clients rely on our products and services. Reach out to a member of our team with your inquiry and see our passion put to work for you!

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