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Diamond cutting tools and their mark on the manufacturing world
March 24, 2020

Industrial diamond cutting tools sound like they’d be quite the investment; however, while upfront costs are a short-term concern, from a long-term perspective their throughput in cutting materials provides more than a return on investment for many commercial, fabricating, and manufacturing operations.


It’s no wonder that a whole host of multinational industries have come to rely on diamond cutters.


Their promise doesn’t end there. Let’s see the other positive impacts diamond tooling has afforded businesses and where they shine brightest.


Maintenance – A thing of the past

Diamond equipment requires the least amount of maintenance if you follow the manufacturer's recommended-use guidelines. Additionally, all operating and maintenance personnel should perform daily routine maintenance to check the tools' conditions and take note of changes and difficulties. While cracks and core flatness don’t render them unusable, diamond equipment with such symptoms are recommended to be replaced, especially if they've been working >120 hours.


Cutting to the core

Diamond cutting tools are renowned for their ability to cut and grind through any dense materials. Moreover, their precision cutting capabilities ensure delicate cuts even with the lightest workpieces, e.g. glass, ceramics, and thin wood. Different types of blades and grits allow them to function for different cutting objectives effectively too, making for a truly adaptable nature.


Enviable service life

Diamonds are the toughest and sharpest materials in the world. Even with extensive use, these grinders and blades will last for the longest time possible. In this light, always make sure to use top-quality replacements that reputable manufacturers such as Graff Diamond Products can provide.


Diamond cutting tools from reputable suppliers

Across our almost 60 year history, we at Graff Diamond Products have been known for one thing: providing companies across Toronto with the best diamond cutting solutions available. Every client faces unique challenges in the fast paced world of manufacturing, that’s why we’ve put in place expedited production channels to engineer made-to-order diamond tooling for when standard specs just won’t cut it.

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