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Understanding Core Drills
September 11, 2019

Core drills have been around for centuries, with the earliest recorded use of them having occurred in the era of the Ancient Egyptians in around 3000 BC. As its name may suggest, core drills are used to remove cylinders of material, with the material left within the drill bit referred to as a core.


Contemporary core drills are defined by application and can be further sub-categorized into the following groups: annular cutters, carbide core drills, and diamond core drills.


Today we’ll differentiate between annular cutters, carbide core drills, and diamond core drills by understanding their various uses and associated benefits.



Annular Cutters


Annular cutters are suitable for cutting through metal material, where the core drill is used to create precise holes in the metal. Annular cutters are further categorized based on material used in the manufacturing process, with common types including standard, cobalt, hard coating, and tungsten-carbide tipped cutters.


Carbide Core Drills


Carbide – short for tungsten carbide is chosen for its resistance against abrasion and temperature. Carbide core drills are typically used for drilling and masonry applications due to the excellent durability and overall toughness carbide-based components offer in the cutting process. Carbide tools are efficient, retain their overall hardness, and are known to have a longer working life than other tool alternatives.


Diamond Core Drills


If you’re looking to drill through even tougher materials – you’ll need a drill that offers a greater degree of strength than other drilling alternatives. Diamond drills are suitable for such applications as they are typically used for more abrasive applications. Diamond tools are chosen for their long working life, excellent thermal stability, and chemical inert nature.


Finding a Reputable Core Drill Manufacturer


Graff Diamond Products offers years of experience manufacturing super-abrasive diamond tooling like core drills for a diverse clientele across a large range of industries. Known for quality when it comes to our product, we uphold a higher standard of excellence in our design and manufacture process, and customer service. You can depend on us to manufacture a product you can rely on.

I didn't know diamond core drills were so tough.
Posted by: Denise | December 9, 2019, 7:56 pm
Informative - thanks for sharing this!
Posted by: Andrea | September 11, 2019, 2:12 pm
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