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Understanding Diamond Saw Blades
September 25, 2019

When it comes to understanding diamond saw blades – it may leave some scratching their heads. What are they and how do they differ from regular saw blades? What are they commonly used for? How are the diamond fragments applied to the blade? Where can I find a diamond blade suitable for my specific application?



Today we intend to offer some clarity by answering a few frequently asked questions when it comes to understanding diamond saw blades.



What are diamond saw blades and how are they different from other types of saw blades?


As its name suggests, diamond blades are saw blades in which the edge is coated with diamond particles. There are many types of diamond blades available – selecting a suitable diamond blade will largely depend on the needs of your application.

Circular diamond blades are the most common and widely used type of diamond blade. Diamond gang saws are also used and feature an elongated steel plate with diamond particles welded to it. Diamond band saws are typically composed of a flexible steel band with diamonds fixed to one edge of the steel band.


What are diamond blades commonly used for?


Diamond blades are chosen for their ability to cut through more abrasive materials, such as cutting into hard stoners, concrete, asphalt, glass, bricks, and ceramics, etc. Diamond blades are often used in a range of industries including the construction, the IT industry (for cutting semi-conductor components), and in the precious gems industry.


How are diamond fragments applied to diamond blades?


There are a number of ways in which the diamond fragments are applied to the blade. Common application methods include electroplating, vacuum brazing, and sintering. The most common of these three methods is the sintering method, where the steel core of the blade, diamonds, and metal bond material is put into a mold and then sintered using a sintering furnace machine.


Where can I find a reputable manufacturer?


Graff Diamond Products is a reputable Canadian manufacturer of quality, precision diamond and CBN grinding wheels, sawblades, and holesaws and other tools used across a range of industries. For all your super-abrasive tooling needs, call Graff Diamond today!

Informative! Thanks for answering those questions!
Posted by: Carol | September 25, 2019, 3:34 pm
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