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Large-scale industries reliant on diamond core drills
April 08, 2020

A diamond core drill has many applications. Industrial versions can go through earth and drill the foundations for a new building. 



Core drills have carbide or diamond coatings, and Graff Diamond Products manufactures some of the most durable core drills on the market. 



We're not just here to tout; our expertise puts us in a position to inform you where our manufacturing effort goes. The following are some of the multinational industries that require them for their day-to-day operations.




Mineral exploration


A giant diamond core drill goes through the ground and can go through several thousand feet in length. The diamond-coated cutting edge allows for precision drilling and recovery of core and earth samples. What's more, many geological researchers and archaeologists depend on these high-quality core drills.




Real estate construction


Property development uses a diamond core drill mounted on heavy-duty vehicles for transportation and control. The machine serves as a stabilising counter-weight that allows the tool to function effectively. When the cutting edge requires replacement due to natural wear and tear, most Toronto construction companies turn to us at Graff Diamond Products to supply them with effective core drills.




Electrical services


Small, handheld core drills allow electrical maintenance and repair companies to puncture tiny holes in properties and appliances. In doing so, they can pass conduits and wiring through these passages to repair, modify, or recover electrical operations. Furthermore, the diamond's sharpness makes it easy to cut through any material in record speeds as long as their cutting edge remains sharp.




Diamond products. Diamond service.


When you work with renowned manufacturers, you are setting yourself up for security and ease of mind knowning that dependable, high-quality drills and other diamond equipment will always be a quick inquiry away. Graff Diamond Products has over 50 years of experience providing top-notch diamond tools. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you!

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