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The Buyer’s Guide to Diamond Router Bits
April 15, 2020

Essentially, diamond router bits are a cutting tool of sorts that polish profiles and the hard surfaces of, for example, stones and concrete. 



These tools consist of diamond grains attached to their functional part. 


While they look pretty simple, there are several criteria you must know before buying one for your defining or polishing task. 


1. The router bit shanks
The shanks are the solid, cylindrical component of the diamond router bit and come in two major sizes: half of an inch or a quarter of an inch. Between these two shank sizes, it is the bigger diameter that provides better stability and smoother cuts. Since they can cope with vibration, they also last longer. However, not all types of routers can work with both shanks but there are some units that accommodate interchangeable bits.


2. The type of cutting edge
Diamond router bits commonly use carbide and high-speed steel (HSS) for the tips as their cutting edge. Between these two materials, carbide is preferred by most cutters to be the profile bits due to its hardness and ability to hold the edge a lot longer than HSS. But they are more fragile and brittle than HSS, which means extra care is needed to handle and store them properly.


3. The quality of the bits
Determining the quality of the router bit is not straightforward and a quick visual inspection of it may not suffice. Nevertheless, there are indicators that you can consider such as if it comes with a carbide tip, adequately fine and thick cutting edge, and secure brazing. 


4. The design of the bits
The router bit should be designed in a manner that lowers the possibility of kickback to occur. This means it must have a large size to prevent it from biting the material too deeply as well as avoiding heat dissipation, allowing it to keep its sharp edges much longer.

What type of diamond router products do you carry?
Posted by: Nick | April 22, 2020, 3:41 pm
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